Tucson’s New
Gathering Place

We are Second Sky

Second Sky is a community hub with an adventure playground, event space, food and beverage destination, immersive digital environment, and STEAM support center for after-school and micro-school students. This initiative grew in two directions simultaneously and met in the middle: 1) we need creative social space for southeast Tucson and 2) we have a mission to support vulnerable communities following the latest research in social and economic mobility. We expect to open Second Sky to the public in 2024.

A place for everyone to enjoy

We believe that kids and adults can co-habit the same or adjacent spaces, even as they are doing different things.
We hope to bring to Tucson what every small European city has, with its central square surrounded by things to do for everyone.

Adventure Playground

Professionally-trained ‘playworkers’ subtly guide play, while also letting kids figure things out on their own. Adventure playgrounds have a better safety record than traditional playgrounds!

Food & Beverage

Nothing brings people together quite like sharing a meal and drinks. At Second Sky, this can be enjoyed in a variety of flexible seating options located indoors and out, most within view of the activity spaces.

Event Space

The cross-functional space accommodates large themed events during evenings and weekends, while the daytime use will be available for student groups, after-school programs, and corporate meetings.

Our Mission

Second Sky builds community by inspiring adventurous play, communication and learning across generations in an environment that is accessible, comfortable, aspirational, challenging and social.


We aim to foster a vibrant and inclusive space for the community where individuals, groups, and families come together, creating meaningful connections and shared experiences.


By locating multiple attractions in a carefully overlapped design, we desire to provide the place where kids and adults can co-habit the same or adjacent spaces, even as they are doing different things.

Learning Experiences

Our space is exciting, dynamic and hands-on to encourage kid-directed learning and exploration. Kids of all ages will discover and grow through interactive play.


This initiative addresses urgent needs in our community.

Tucson has a child poverty rate of 39% and Arizona ranks 46th in the country’s K-12 student success rate, with many individuals and families experiencing temporary and long-term economic challenges since the pandemic. By establishing this unique space, we can provide vital services and support to those in need while simultaneously offering a platform for community engagement and exchange. Simultaneously, catering to the community by offering event space rentals and food and beverage spots taps into a significant market opportunity.

Connected to the Community that asked us to create Second Sky

For years, visitors to our community events have asked us to create a permanent STEAM community center, open all the time.

Second Sky will compliment the non-profit ecosystem in Tucson. We have built relationships with like-minded organizations, collaborating and mutually supporting one another.

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